Owning a waterfront home offers many benefits. Aside from the views, a waterfront home provides direct access to the Gold Coast’s beautiful waterways, and this is what attracts so many.  Boaties, fisherman and PWC enthusiasts are drawn to waterfront locations because they have direct access to the water – no need for a boat trailer or the hassle of lining up to use a public boat ramp on a Saturday morning which can be interesting to say the least, no having to drive to a local waterway or bridge to drop in a line; the water is literally at your back door. 

So you’ve accomplished your dream of owning a waterfront home on the Gold Coast, congratulations! This is a goal that many aspire to but only a few achieve.

If you’re one of these boaties, fisherman or PWC enthusiasts, then chances are you have a boat dock, am I right? There’s only one thing better to living on the waterfront, and that’s having a decked-out boat dock to enjoy it all the more.

At Micks Marine Maintenance, in addition to maintaining and repairing boat docks, we also sell boat dock accessories

Below are 5 boat dock accessories you need to make your Gold Coast waterfront life even better!

1. Cleats

A cleat is a must-have boat dock accessory! They are the t-shaped fixtures on the deck of a boat dock to which ropes are attached. Without a cleat, you have nothing to anchor your boat to.

2. Fenders

Another essential boat dock accessory is fenders. Fenders are a durable buffer system that prevents damage to a boat as it docks. They are designed to be shock-absorbers; absorbing impacts from any watercraft. If you value your boat and want to maintain its value as an asset, then it would be very wise to ensure it is fitted with fenders.

3. Marine Carpet

Marine Carpet is a must-have on your pontoon. Being water-resistant, UV fade-resistant, mould and mildew-resistant it is hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing. Available in a range of stylish weaves and patterns the application of marine carpet dresses up any drab looking pontoon.

4. Roller Systems

A roller system allows you to roll a watercraft onto the dock to be entirely out of water for dry berthing. This will not only decrease maintenance costs, but it will also increase the longevity of your watercraft.

5. Fish Cleaning Stations

Most people get a boat dock to dock their boat. However, that isn’t always the case. Boat docks are also used by fishing enthusiasts to try and snag a fish or two. In such an application, a fish cleaning station is the ideal dock accessory.

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